An open letter to the Alberta Ombudsman requesting an investigation into Alberta Education.

Orate in action:

The government of Alberta must protect children from the physical & psychological sexual abuse of gender ideology.

Given the mountains of evidence that gender transition brings serious and irreversible harm, and in some cases death, to those that have been subjected to it. Given the cases of James Younger and the unnamed girl in BC who’s father is being forced to call a boy. Given the case of a mother suing her […]

Is Canadabalism that much of a stretch?

The LGBT are eating their own. The Left is eating its own. Pro-Lifers are eating their own. Churches are eating their own over LGBT. Is actual cannibalism really all that shocking?

The Five Stages of Grief over Canada

I think whatever timeout corner Facebook shoved me in, may have expired. My numbers have been going up lately. Not where they used to be, but better. Maybe filing a fraud complaint over canceled adds got my FB assigned chaperon’s attention. Or maybe it was the video I did about them illegally demanding a copy […]

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